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Custom Photo Tables


I have a love of photography, picture framing, woodworking and unique tables.  I put all those together and made something that has been in my imagination for many years.  Functional Art in the form of a Custom Photo Table!  Perfect for your cabin, screened in porch, covered deck, family room or any room where you would like a unique end table.

  These tables stand approximately 28" tall with heavy duty stainless steel legs.  The photograph is made from high quality aluminum metal in a high gloss finish that really makes the photo pop.  The photo is one you choose from my website of gallery images.  I have many nature and wildlife images for you to choose from.   Depending on the photo you choose and your own color preferences, I will email you a few frame choices.  The table you see in these photos has a photo image that is 14" x 14" which I have found to be a nice size.  The price of these tables with a 14" x 14" photo image is $290 (including tax).  I use the best materials and the highest quality table legs and metal photo printing company I could find.  I refuse to skimp on quality.  As an additional should know that I designed the top of this table to have the ability to be disassembled so a new metal photo can be inserted.
  If you are an out-of-Minneapolis/St. Paul-customer I am currently researching FedEx shipping prices.  All tables must be pre-paid via Visa/MasterCard or PayPal.  Please email me with any questions or to order a table.  My goal is to make you a high quality table so you can set your drink on something beautiful!