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Canvas Wraps


Canvas wraps are a wonderful and affordable alternative to displaying photographs.  I have produced many of my photographs as canvas wraps and the quality is outstanding.  Photos printed on canvas do not need a frame.  The photo above is an example of what a canvas wrap looks like on the wall.  The photograph is wrapped along the sides and stands out from the wall approximately 1-1/4" in depth. The construction is durable and comes ready to hang.


To order a Canvas Wrap please email me directly.  The lab I use offers the highest quality and better prices than I can offer through ordering from the website.  Payment is possible through me via Paypal and the canvas wrap is shipped directly to you.  I offer more sizes than are listed below.  If you want a larger size please email me for a quote.  Thank you!


Canvas Wrap Price List


Rectangle Canvas Wraps:


8x10     $52

11x14    $80

10x20    $92

12x18    $92

  16x20    $112

  16x24    $128

  20x24    $144

  20x30    $160

  24x30    $200


Square Canvas Wraps


    6x6      $40

 12x12     $72

   16x16      $100

   20x20      $136

   24x24      $160

   30x30      $260


*tax and shipping extra